Three Craft Beer Terms You Should Know


If you are new to the world of craft beer, you may feel slightly intimidated. Don’t worry: that’s a totally natural feeling! Don’t let the stress of a beginner’s bank of knowledge keep you from trying some great beers. Instead, take a look at the following terms and arm yourself with a bit of information today:

Craft Brewery

Let’s start with the basics: What exactly is a craft beer? Most breweries are corporately owned on a large scale. That’s well and fine for many beers, but it doesn’t leave much for invention and diversity. Craft breweries are smaller and independently owned. They vary in the brewing methodologies greatly and the result is a wonderful mix of beers as varied as the owners. Many brewers are fanatical about the methods used and can engage is some feisty conversations. To understand the brewing techniques, you should brief yourself on a few of the terms related to the actual beer itself.


Think of the term “body” as the taste of the beer. “Body” refers to the consistency of the craft beer and the thickness of the brew. Lighter beers should have a lighter body while heavy beers, like Guiness, should have a full, thick body. Crisp, light, heavy, and robust are all terms used to describe the taste.


This is a climbing vine plant used to flavor beer. The practice began in Germany, and most German beers are described as very “hoppy.” The hops are responsible for the bitterness of a brew. Regions all over the world now partake in cultivating hops, and each area has a distinct taste. The world of hops can become quite complicated quite quickly and is a whole study unto itself. The hops is also responsible for the aroma of the beer. When sampling your craft beer, be certain to inquire as to the hoppiness so that you can continue to learn which beers you enjoy.

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Three Ways To Determine Which New Movie Releases You’ll Love


New movie releases are tricky little things. It’s always exciting to see something new and exciting. But it can also be disappointing if the movie is a let-down. Fortunately, there are some clues that can help you determine which films you should be spending your time and money on. Take a look at the following ways to help you choose the right fit for you:

1. Check out the trailers… online!

In the “olden days,” most people had to wait for a commercial on television to see the latest movie trailer. And only then, would television air a select few. It was difficult to get a hold of indie film trailers or foreign films. That all changed when the Internet took over. Now, you can access just about any trailer on YouTube or other trailer sites.So take a gander and see what you think before you commit your time to a film.

2. Read the reviews.

A trailer can’t always tell you everything you need to know, since it’s only about 90 seconds. If you are unsure as to whether a movie will be a good fit for you, check out written reviews for new movie releases. Just be mindful that they may contain spoilers, so check for the phrase, “Warning, Spoilers Ahead.” You certainly would hate to ruin a movie before you even begin it.

3. Try something new.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but you should try a new movie genre or a new movie theater to heighten the experience. If you generally only watch adventure films, then try a foreign film. Look for movie theaters that offer something novel, like dinner and a movie, or craft beer. Drive-ins are also good options, as well. The key is to give your routine a new little shake.

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5 Quirky Cult Films That Are Must-Sees For Movie Buffs


Most people have seen the standard cult films. These include “The Big Lebowski,”
“Clockwork Orange,” and, of course, Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction.” But there are a few quirkier films out there that movie buffs will want to add to their cinematic-viewing resume. Take a look:

1. The Man Who Fell To Earth

Among cult films, this one revolves around British existentialism. Billed as one of David Bowie’s first onscreen performance ever, this movie is famous for the scene in which Bowie removes his glass eyeball. Talk about quirky AND gross.

2. Eraserhead

If you are into weird films, then this is the one to catch! This is a dark and creepy movie that follows a father as he cares for his deformed child. The movie is famous for the nightmares and dreams that the father has regarding his child, as well as a strange female-figure. But beware, this truly is a strange one that might cause the viewer discomfort.

3. Brazil

Another British film, this is social commentary gone awry. What started out as an initial box-office flop, this film has quickly risen to king of the cult movies status. There is quite a bit of humor infused in this Orwellian tale that can keep things hopping as you view some truly stunning cinematography.

4. Cemetery Man

Who would have ever thought Rupert Everett would play in an Italian zombie horror film? Perhaps Michele Soavi, the film’s producer who cast Everett in this zombie-slayer flick.

5. Naked Lunch

Here is a weird, strange 1950s film that has captivated audiences who enjoy cult movies, and not necessarily in a good way. This film features a man who consumes bug powder and then hallucinates routinely throughout the film. Careful, or you, too, might find yourself in an alternative universe!

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5 Common Mistakes Couples Make When Choosing Date Night Movies


A date night movie in Carmel, Indiana is a fun ritual for any couple. Whether you are going on your first date, or you and your spouse have been married for years and you still continue your date night tradition, viewing a movie together is a classic method for spending time. Just make sure you avoid these five common mistakes when you are with your honey:

1. You never branch out.

Choosing the same type of film is a big no-no for dating couples. Sure, you may enjoy a certain genre, and it is ok to choose those movies often. But it is best to throw in a surprise now and then that kicks you both out of your comfort zone. You never know what may come it.

2. You branch out too far!

On the other hand, you must know what is clearly off-limits for you two. Maybe you both hate foreign films. While it is good to try new things, it is not necessary to jump off the deep end.

3. One person always chooses.

A date night movie is a treat for both partners, so it is important that you both get the chance to make a selection. You can rock, paper, scissors your way toward a choice or alternate with one person choosing one week and the other chooses next.

4. You are both indecisive.

Indecision is never a good thing. If you are having trouble making a selection, check an online or newspaper schedule, close your eyes and go with wherever your finger lands.

5. You never combine dinner and a movie.

Finally, there are some excellent new theaters out there that combine a dining experience with your movie. Find a movie grill or a movie theater that serves craft beers. It’s the best of both worlds!


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How To Know If Your Child Is Old Enough For A Movie Grill Outing


Attending a movie grill is a very exciting event for adults, let alone children. It can be particularly special for a parent to bring his or her child along for the first time. Sharing a movie experience often leaves a lasting, positive impression on the child for decades to come. In fact, many adults still remember, with fondness, their first visit to the movie theaters. As a parent, it can be equally memorable, either in a positive light, or, of course, in a negative one, depending upon how your child reacts. Take a look at the following signs to determine if your child is old enough to make that trek with you:

1. They can quietly sit through a movie at home.

A movie grill is a special type of cinematic experience wherein the audience is able to consume an entire meal while watching a film. Therefore, it is especially important that your child be able to devote his attention to quietly eating and watching a film. A good test for this is to serve dinner in front of the television one night and watch how your child reacts.


2. They can sit quietly and respectfully through a meal in a restaurant.

As a companion sign to number one, it is a good indicator that your child may be ready for a movie and dinner experience if he or she is able to publicly dine with you in a way that does not cause a disturbance to the other patrons. If you find that your child is still very active during a meal, then he may not be quite ready. Do not despair, as it could just take another few weeks or months.


3. They are not easily scared.

This is aimed more toward younger children, but even if you are not attending a scary movie, big theater screens and new atmospheres can be intimidating for children. Check the rating of the film, and explain ahead of time how there will be a large screen and food served while watching a movie.

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How To Plan A Corporate Outing or Special Event At An Event Cinema Venue



When you are making plans for your company’s next big get-together, event cinemas may not be the first thing that come into mind. But with the changing scene of movie theaters, perhaps this should be one of your first options. From great food to craft beers to large spaces, event cinemas may just be the right ticket for your next corporate party. Take a look at some manageable tips to get you started on your special event today:

1. Look for a theater that caters to different audiences.

Whether you are hosting a training session for your employees, a speaking conference, or a holiday party for the employees and their families, you should search out event cinemas that offer unique elements that adults will enjoy, as well as children. Gourmet food and alcohol are two ways in which to up the wow factor.

2. Seek out the novelty factor.

Again, seeking out movie theaters that offer something unique is a sure-fire way to enjoy a corporate event. Many cinemas are upgrading their services with microbreweries and full-fledged meals. Some offer special evenings and larger auditoriums that seat bigger crowds. To really give your meeting that extra punch, look for something just a little more interesting than what you are used to seeing in a theater.

3. Ask about custom packages.

Event cinemas that offer custom packages are generally used to hosting larger parties. If your theater can give you a discount, or arrange for food and catering simultaneously, you know you can book with a place that has experience with events. This works well for you in the planning stage and may also save you some money with a discounted, inclusive package. Be sure to ask the manager if the theater has hosted corporate trainings, meetings or parties before and ask for what past conferences have done for inspiration for your event.

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How To Order Craft Beer At A Movie Without Making An Idiot Of Yourself


Craft beer is a relatively new term cropping up, used to describe local, independent brewers who are creating their own beers and style of beer. These small breweries are found just about anywhere, including in some movie theaters. When you venture out and sample these beers for the first time, you may encounter a bit of stress, wondering which beers you should try. Never fear! Consider the following guide to how to order a beer without feeling like an amateur:

1. Be honest with the bartender.

You should not be ashamed to utilize your bartender. This just means that your bartender is generally going to be someone knowledgeable about craft beers. The quality of the beer is dependent upon an independent brewery, so most people are trying these beers for the first time. This means you can freely ask for help choosing a beer without worrying about how you are perceived. The general rule of thumb, however, is to know what you like in a beer. Nothing is more frustrating than having someone say they don’t care at all what they receive. If you like darker beers, say so. If you are into more grainy-tasting beers, request something hoppy. You do not have to specifically know what you are requesting, but you should be able to give your bartender a rough estimate of the type of beer you enjoy.

2. End with an IPA.

IPAs have a distinct taste and larger alcohol quantities per unit. To sample a decent amount of beers, you should always end with an IPA, rather than beginning.

3. Recognize that craft beers are generally served at room temperature.

In America, most beer comes ice cold. While this works well for a hot summer day, it is not the ideal temperature for a true craft beer. Never complain if your beer comes at room temperature. This just means the brewery knows its art.

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5 Best Date Night Ideas For Busy Couples Over 40


Life can become really hectic, really quickly. And most of can’t always make time for those great date nights that our significant others deserve. Relationships are important, however, and should be valued above all else. In order to keep your partner happy, take a look at the following best date night ideas:

1. Spa Day

While technically not a “night” idea, this is perfect for the couple that is constantly on the go. With relaxing music and massages, spa day can be the answer for the stress in your life. Check online for coupons and specials, particularly for couples.

2. Dance Lessons

Dance lessons offer a unique setting for the couple that is looking to try something new. With upbeat music and other participating couples, this a great opportunity to move and unwind, while gaining a skill to use for future dates.

3. Stargazing

For more best date night ideas, consider your local observatories. This is an interesting and romantic setting for a date and can include some science for the nerds out there. Take a look online to find an observatory near you: you may just be surprised!

4. Sample Craft Beers

Craft beers refers to the independent brewery that is operated by a small, local business owner. The beers are often unique and better quality than mass-produced options. These are cropping up everywhere and make for an excellent date.

5. Movies With a Twist

Speaking of craft beers, finding a unique movie theater that allows you to combine your love of food, craft beers and cinema all in one setting can be one of the best date night ideas, yet. This can be a bit of a challenge to locate, as there are not very many out there, but the ones that do exist are generally top-notch. Bonus points for taking your date to a movie theater that also operates as a brewery!

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