How To Order Craft Beer At A Movie Without Making An Idiot Of Yourself


Craft beer is a relatively new term cropping up, used to describe local, independent brewers who are creating their own beers and style of beer. These small breweries are found just about anywhere, including in some movie theaters. When you venture out and sample these beers for the first time, you may encounter a bit of stress, wondering which beers you should try. Never fear! Consider the following guide to how to order a beer without feeling like an amateur:

1. Be honest with the bartender.

You should not be ashamed to utilize your bartender. This just means that your bartender is generally going to be someone knowledgeable about craft beers. The quality of the beer is dependent upon an independent brewery, so most people are trying these beers for the first time. This means you can freely ask for help choosing a beer without worrying about how you are perceived. The general rule of thumb, however, is to know what you like in a beer. Nothing is more frustrating than having someone say they don’t care at all what they receive. If you like darker beers, say so. If you are into more grainy-tasting beers, request something hoppy. You do not have to specifically know what you are requesting, but you should be able to give your bartender a rough estimate of the type of beer you enjoy.

2. End with an IPA.

IPAs have a distinct taste and larger alcohol quantities per unit. To sample a decent amount of beers, you should always end with an IPA, rather than beginning.

3. Recognize that craft beers are generally served at room temperature.

In America, most beer comes ice cold. While this works well for a hot summer day, it is not the ideal temperature for a true craft beer. Never complain if your beer comes at room temperature. This just means the brewery knows its art.

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