How To Plan A Corporate Outing or Special Event At An Event Cinema Venue



When you are making plans for your company’s next big get-together, event cinemas may not be the first thing that come into mind. But with the changing scene of movie theaters, perhaps this should be one of your first options. From great food to craft beers to large spaces, event cinemas may just be the right ticket for your next corporate party. Take a look at some manageable tips to get you started on your special event today:

1. Look for a theater that caters to different audiences.

Whether you are hosting a training session for your employees, a speaking conference, or a holiday party for the employees and their families, you should search out event cinemas that offer unique elements that adults will enjoy, as well as children. Gourmet food and alcohol are two ways in which to up the wow factor.

2. Seek out the novelty factor.

Again, seeking out movie theaters that offer something unique is a sure-fire way to enjoy a corporate event. Many cinemas are upgrading their services with microbreweries and full-fledged meals. Some offer special evenings and larger auditoriums that seat bigger crowds. To really give your meeting that extra punch, look for something just a little more interesting than what you are used to seeing in a theater.

3. Ask about custom packages.

Event cinemas that offer custom packages are generally used to hosting larger parties. If your theater can give you a discount, or arrange for food and catering simultaneously, you know you can book with a place that has experience with events. This works well for you in the planning stage and may also save you some money with a discounted, inclusive package. Be sure to ask the manager if the theater has hosted corporate trainings, meetings or parties before and ask for what past conferences have done for inspiration for your event.

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