5 Quirky Cult Films That Are Must-Sees For Movie Buffs


Most people have seen the standard cult films. These include “The Big Lebowski,”
“Clockwork Orange,” and, of course, Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction.” But there are a few quirkier films out there that movie buffs will want to add to their cinematic-viewing resume. Take a look:

1. The Man Who Fell To Earth

Among cult films, this one revolves around British existentialism. Billed as one of David Bowie’s first onscreen performance ever, this movie is famous for the scene in which Bowie removes his glass eyeball. Talk about quirky AND gross.

2. Eraserhead

If you are into weird films, then this is the one to catch! This is a dark and creepy movie that follows a father as he cares for his deformed child. The movie is famous for the nightmares and dreams that the father has regarding his child, as well as a strange female-figure. But beware, this truly is a strange one that might cause the viewer discomfort.

3. Brazil

Another British film, this is social commentary gone awry. What started out as an initial box-office flop, this film has quickly risen to king of the cult movies status. There is quite a bit of humor infused in this Orwellian tale that can keep things hopping as you view some truly stunning cinematography.

4. Cemetery Man

Who would have ever thought Rupert Everett would play in an Italian zombie horror film? Perhaps Michele Soavi, the film’s producer who cast Everett in this zombie-slayer flick.

5. Naked Lunch

Here is a weird, strange 1950s film that has captivated audiences who enjoy cult movies, and not necessarily in a good way. This film features a man who consumes bug powder and then hallucinates routinely throughout the film. Careful, or you, too, might find yourself in an alternative universe!

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