5 Common Mistakes Couples Make When Choosing Date Night Movies


A date night movie in Carmel, Indiana is a fun ritual for any couple. Whether you are going on your first date, or you and your spouse have been married for years and you still continue your date night tradition, viewing a movie together is a classic method for spending time. Just make sure you avoid these five common mistakes when you are with your honey:

1. You never branch out.

Choosing the same type of film is a big no-no for dating couples. Sure, you may enjoy a certain genre, and it is ok to choose those movies often. But it is best to throw in a surprise now and then that kicks you both out of your comfort zone. You never know what may come it.

2. You branch out too far!

On the other hand, you must know what is clearly off-limits for you two. Maybe you both hate foreign films. While it is good to try new things, it is not necessary to jump off the deep end.

3. One person always chooses.

A date night movie is a treat for both partners, so it is important that you both get the chance to make a selection. You can rock, paper, scissors your way toward a choice or alternate with one person choosing one week and the other chooses next.

4. You are both indecisive.

Indecision is never a good thing. If you are having trouble making a selection, check an online or newspaper schedule, close your eyes and go with wherever your finger lands.

5. You never combine dinner and a movie.

Finally, there are some excellent new theaters out there that combine a dining experience with your movie. Find a movie grill or a movie theater that serves craft beers. It’s the best of both worlds!


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How To Know If Your Child Is Old Enough For A Movie Grill Outing


Attending a movie grill is a very exciting event for adults, let alone children. It can be particularly special for a parent to bring his or her child along for the first time. Sharing a movie experience often leaves a lasting, positive impression on the child for decades to come. In fact, many adults still remember, with fondness, their first visit to the movie theaters. As a parent, it can be equally memorable, either in a positive light, or, of course, in a negative one, depending upon how your child reacts. Take a look at the following signs to determine if your child is old enough to make that trek with you:

1. They can quietly sit through a movie at home.

A movie grill is a special type of cinematic experience wherein the audience is able to consume an entire meal while watching a film. Therefore, it is especially important that your child be able to devote his attention to quietly eating and watching a film. A good test for this is to serve dinner in front of the television one night and watch how your child reacts.


2. They can sit quietly and respectfully through a meal in a restaurant.

As a companion sign to number one, it is a good indicator that your child may be ready for a movie and dinner experience if he or she is able to publicly dine with you in a way that does not cause a disturbance to the other patrons. If you find that your child is still very active during a meal, then he may not be quite ready. Do not despair, as it could just take another few weeks or months.


3. They are not easily scared.

This is aimed more toward younger children, but even if you are not attending a scary movie, big theater screens and new atmospheres can be intimidating for children. Check the rating of the film, and explain ahead of time how there will be a large screen and food served while watching a movie.

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